“The people of these United States are the rightful masters of both congresses and courts, not to over-throw the Constitution, but to over-throw the men who pervert that Constitution” Abe Lincoln

Why we need New Management in Washington D.C. 

  • Our government works for the people.
  • Most of us have had disappointing battles with our Representatives.
  • Our Representatives are mostly in safe districts and they know it.
  • 95% of Congressmen are easily reelected and they know it.
  • The Senate is a little more competitive but 80% hold their seats.
  • Representatives see activists as people to be managed and as free campaign help but not the people they work for.
  • The political establishment is united in keeping the status quo. It is clear the establishment is out to undermine and stop President Trump. They believe they have us between a rock and a hard place. They know we’re not likely to vote for Democrats. They know Primaries are almost never successful.
  • We need a fresh approach!

  • We do have options:
    • When our founding fathers decided to make a bold move for independence they were up against the most powerful military force on earth. They knew they had a tough fight ahead and they needed leadership who were fully committed to the awesome task.
    • Being out manned and with little equipment the founders decided on a strategy to take out the British officers and leaders instead taking on all the individual soldiers. By taking officers or leaders out it left the British confused and the leadership apprehensive.
    • This is the same principle we are suggesting with Project Accountability. 
    • However, it is much more effective to focus great pressure on the leadership than it is to try to go after all of our Congressman in safe districts. There are just 5 leaders in the House and 5 in the Senate. It is more effective, efficient and doable to pressure 10 decision makers than to pressure 535 unresponsive Representatives.
    • The point to understand, is that the leaders control the process. They know well in advance, how votes will go. They know in advance how it will turn out because they rigged it. Just a few people control everything.
    • House of Representatives

    • Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi
    • Majority Leader. Rep. Steny Hoyer. Represents Democrats on the House floor.
    • Majority Whip. Rep. James Clyburn. Assists leadership in managing party’s legislative program.
    • Assistant Speaker. Rep. Ben Ray Luján. Assists the Majority Leader.
    • Democratic Caucus Chairman. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries.
    • United States Senate

      Party leaders of the United States Senate

    • Majority Leader. Mitch McConnell (R)
    • Majority Whip. John Thune (R)
    • Minority Leader. Chuck Schumer (D)
    • Minority Whip. Dick Durbin (D)

  • It is time to be bold.

  • It is time for American voters, including President Trump voters, tea party and liberty groups to make a firm move in order to get the agenda we voted for in 2016 implemented.
  •  Our Founding Fathers made a commitment, “We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.” We need to be as committed as the founders were and as the DC Swamp is today. President Trump has committed his fortune, honor and his life to help all Americans. It is our responsibility to stand with him and help make sure our Representatives are helping him instead of undermining him.

Please join us for real accountability.
The People’s Proclamation

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the voters who elected you demand new management in the Congress of the United States to replace the entire Republican leadership and further to keep election promises by enacting legislation to repeal the ACA, reduce taxes, simplify the tax code and secure the borders.
We need new management in the House and Senate in Washington. The following leaders in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate must resign from leadership roles and be replaced with assertive, resolute and truthful leaders who will implement the entire agenda the people voted for in 2016 without delay.