Abusing women of any age is wrong and should not happen. With that said, no one should be falsely accused and convicted without evidence and justice in a courtroom and not by the political kangaroo court we call the Media. If we are going to start convicting and sentencing people with public opinion freedom is gone forever.

When it comes to Judge Moore the candidate for U.S. Senator from Alabama it is easy to say this is a political witch hunt.

The accusations must be viewed in the proper context. These stories are coming from the Washington Post which is a media arm of the Democrat Party and anything they print is suspect and discredited by their past fake news. Gloria Allred has a long history of political showboating. She is the Democrat Party feminist legal arm and discredits the accuser just by walking her before the cameras. Discredited by Allred’s own past.

The only evidence put forward so far is a year book claiming Judge Moore signed it and even if true it is not evidence of attempted rape and would not stand up in any court. These allegations are 40 years old and were never mentioned in any of the many political campaigns Judge Moore has run in over the years. Why not?

Judge Moore has emphatically denied all of these sensational claims. The judge has lived an exemplary life that includes risking his Judgeship defending the Ten Commandments.

The most serious accuser says the Judge attempted to rape her but she never told anyone until now. She says she and her husband were for Trump but her voter registration is inactive. Her only evidence is a yearbook she says the Judge signed but she refused to let a handwriting expert verify the signature. Gloria Allred is evasive when asked questions about the signature? When asked on NBC News Gloria Allred admits “I haven’t asked” if accuser saw Moore sign her yearbook. The note on the yearbook shows a DA after the Judges name although he was not a DA at the time. The accuser and Allred’s none-evidence is completely discredited so there is no attempted rape case here.

Other accusers claim sexual advances not of attempted rape, it is more about their age at the time being they were in their teens 16 to 18 and one 14. One of the accusers worked for and supported Hillary Clinton during the campaign and the others political party affiliations are unknown.

There is absolutely zero evidence accompanying any claim against Judge Moore. There is no reason to doubt Judge Moore’s word. When put in context of 40 years ago the story evaporates like an ice cube in a hot fire. Did you know parental consent is all that is needed in Alabama and Utah at age 14 to get married and people do today?

The age of consent is 16 in Alabama now and was then. Putting things into context discredits all of these abuse claims. You may remember famous super star Jerry Lee Lewis who’s first wife was 13 when he married her and that was not uncommon in Alabama in the past.

Mega Super Star Elvis Presley started dating Pricilla Presley when she was 14 and he married her when she was 21 or 22.

The point is the culture of the past was different than it is now even though the age of consent is still 16 and parents can still give consent to marry or date today in many states. These allegations against Judge Moore are obviously political in nature and should be discarded by Alabama voters.

Electing Judge Moore is the right thing to do.

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