Judge Moore is from Alabama. I found some interesting facts with Alabama law and culture of the south. Politicians have a habit looking back at history through the eyes of today and placing today’s perceived views on the past in order to score political points. I wondered what the culture was back 40 years or so when the alleged incidents occurred. Even though Moore has run in many campaigns in the past none of these women said a word until now. Why?
Judge Moore has denied all of these claims and says he does not know these women.
Here are a few things I found:
The most serious accusation says the Judge attempted to rape her but she never told anyone until now, 40 years later. She says she and her husband were for Trump but her official voter registration shows she has an inactive voter registration. Her only evidence is a yearbook she says the Judge signed but she refused to let a handwriting expert verify the signature. Gloria Allred is speaking for her but will not answer questions about the signature? On NBC News the smear against Judge Roy Moore seems to be falling apart. Gloria Allred admits “I haven’t asked” if accuser saw Moore sign her yearbook. The note on the yearbook shows a DA after the Judges name although he was not a DA at the time. Lots of questions on that one.
Others followed this accuser with accusation of sexual advances not of attempted rape, it is more about their age at the time being they were in their teens 16 to 18 and one 14. One of the accusers worked for Hillary Clinton during the campaign and the others political party affiliation is unknown.
Parental consent is needed in Alabama and Utah at age 14.
The age of consent is 16 in Alabama now and was then. With parental consent, parties can marry at age 14 then and now.
You may remember famous rocker Jerry Lee Lewis who’s first wife was 13 when he married her and that was not uncommon in Alabama in the past.
Rock star Elvis Presley started dating Pricilla Presley when she was 14 and he married her when she was 21 or 22.
The point is the culture of the past was different than it is now even though the age of consent is still 16. It seems much of this dust up about Moore has no basis at all and one is pretty much discredited on several levels. There is no evidence of wrong doing. He said she said is about it.
Could it be this is a political kill shot by powerful people in Washington DC who don’t want Judge Moore the openly Christian in the Senate?

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