PROJECT ACCOUNTABILITY: Plan Implementation Directions

If you want to help President Trump please go to “PROJECT ACCOUNTABILITY” on Facebook or on the web ( ) and get a copy of the people’s proclamation to vacate all of the leadership from their leader roles including Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan and send it to your Republican congressman and Senators.  New management is required and the current leaders have to be held accountable in order to get our agenda implemented. will you support new management of the Republican United States Congress and United States Senate? The establishment has built an iron wall around our Representatives that makes it difficult to Primary or replace them. That is why 96% of them are easily re-elected for not doing their job. Our answer is to hold them all accountable by demanding that all of the leaders in the House and Senate vacate their leadership position. If we change the leadership holders and demand that new leaders implement the agenda we voted for we can use this project as a platform to get our message out to the voters. This can happen if we make enough noise. It is very important to get the People’s Proclamation into the hands of as many Republican Representatives and Senators as possible. Copy it from (PROJECT ACCOUNTABILITY) on face book page or ( ) and send it to your congressman with a note demanding that they vote to vacate the entire leadership and replace them with people who will implement the agenda we voted for and support our agenda which is President Trumps Agenda. You can also use the Congressmen’s email system by googling their contact information and send it to them from their own district when possible but all districts must be involved. Then frequently call your Republican congressman and Senators office and tell them you want the entire leadership replaced. Call every day or every week and ask them the same question over and over and over until they get it done. The calls are important and only take a minute to tell them to vote the leadership out. Plan on making the same call over and over until 2018 if necessary. Keep calling no matter what they say. That makes them understand we are not going away. That is the message to repeat in every way you can. Social media or letters to the editor and regular calls asking how they are coming with the demanding the leadership be vacated. Spread the word. It takes a little work by all to do a lot. Contact your like-minded face book friends and ask them to contact their congressman. The more people from different states the better. The key is repeatedly calling and emailing them. Be nice but hound them often with the same request no matter what they say until the current leaders are replaced. Getting people from all 50 states would be outstanding. We can do it. Please share any good twitter messages with other people working to take back America.